The Silent Companions

The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

3/5 Stars

This is a gothic ghost story set in a creepy old mansion. Elsie has arrived at her deceased husbands manor house and quickly things begin to get strange. Both Elsie and the house have a unsettling past and one of them is more that what they seem. But who is telling the truth?

I found the three story lines a bit jarring to follow at times. The switches seemed very abrupt from one tale to the next. The story was suspenseful and kept me turning the pages, but it didn’t draw me completely into the story, I didn’t ever feel that I was there in the house with them. I think the past story of the house was the weakest one and didn’t quite blend with the others. The companions were very creepy originally, but they seemed to get a bit muddled as the story went on.

This read was entertaining but didn’t really stand our for me. It might be more enjoyable for classic horror buffs.