September 2017 Wrap Up

September 2017 Wrap Up

So the leaves are falling the air is crisp and I am one happy person. Autumn is so cozy and like many others is my favorite time of the year. It is still pleasant to go outside, but it is also perfect to curl up with a good book under a fuzzy blanket. How was September for you? The start of the month for me reading wise was a bit rough. I was finishing up the last of the Manbooker longlisted books in preparation for the Manbooker 2017 Shortlist announcement, I also overloaded myself with review copies that were due to be read in September. This all added up to me reading a bunch of books I wasn’t very into and becoming frustrated with reading the same type of books. After I had finished those ones I went on a binge of reading all the books I have been gazing at longingly over the last couple months and found a few I really enjoyed.

Top 3 of the Month

The Paper Menagerie

5/5 Stars this is a collection of short stories that absolutely blew me away, the writing was gorgeous and each story felt rich and complete.


5/5 Stars The second book in the Nevernight Chronicle was full of adventure and strong lady characters.

Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

3/5 Stars This was pure book candy enjoyment and was a perfect rest for my brain. It follows roguish Monty as he makes his tour of Europe before taking over the family business, he has some  adventure along the way and has a swoon worthy love story.

There were quite a few other books that I loved this month and it was hard to pick just three! Hope you are enjoying the Autumn season, let me know what are some of you favorite autumnal reads!