The Last Magician

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

4/5 Stars

In modern day New York magic is almost extinct and people with an affinity for magic are becoming very rare and are in hiding from the Order who are hunting them. Esta has been trained as a thief and travels back in time to try to steal a magical artifact that will hopefully help save the magic and make it strong again.

This was such a fun little book. I really enjoy heist books, especially when you can’t quite tell who is good and who is lying. I enjoyed the twists in this book and they kept you guessing for a while, but ultimately you could see where each of them was going by the end. I don’t think this took away from my enjoyment of the book, but it kept it from being epic. There was most definitely a cheesy romance that teetered on the edge of insta-love, but I found myself not minding so much. I did end up rolling my eyes quite a bit at how much time we spent dwelling on certain characters lips and eyes…come on..we are in an epic battle for your life and the future of magic! I liked the magic system, but I think it could have been developed more. It seemed inconsistent from character to character and the rules seemed to change a bit to fit the story. Perhaps this will be sorted out in upcoming books.  I liked the setting of 1900’s New York and wished it had been incorporated more into the story, I found myself forgetting at times that it was set in the past. I enjoyed the characters, I always love a good heisting crew, but again I felt like we didn’t quite get enough of the characters. If you are going to choose to have a large cast, make sure that enough time is put into developing them.

Overall I think this was a good start to a series and I look forward to seeing where this story will take us in the future. I think the next book will really make or break this series.