The Roanoke Girls

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

3/5 Stars

Lane Roanoke is sent to live with her Grandparents after the suicide of her mother. Strange things happen to the Roanoke girls they either die or disappear.  When Lane find out the truth she runs away, this story tells a dual perspective of the girls growing up and Lane’s return to the house after her cousin goes missing.

To start with this book was highly disturbing…I was also unable to put it down. I just had to find out what was going on, and what happened to her cousin. I really enjoyed the way the story passed back and forth between the past and present, there was a good balance of each and it filled out the story well. I particularly enjoyed the little excerpts from previous Roanoke girls who had either died or gone missing, it had a very unsettling effect. I thought the characters were written well and really felt like real people, they had realistic flaws and consequences for past events.

My one small issue with the story was I found it a bit hard to believe that events were sustained for that long without any outside investigation or intervention, and that it all ran as smoothly as it did. There was some attempts by the author to explain why this was and it was somewhat believable, but I found it hard to fully accept that there had been little consequence up until that point.

There is some crude language and mature themes as well as some disturbing content, just to keep in mind if you are sensitive to that sort of thing. I would recommend this if you are looking for a disturbing literary fiction with a bit of mystery spice.