Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

5/5 Stars

This is the second book in the Nevernight chronicle. The first book the in series Nevernight we are introduced to our protagonist Mia as she attends a school  for assassins seeking the skills to seek revenge against the destruction of her family. This second installation finds her in the gladiator like pits fighting for her life among a group of new friends and enemies. Fair warning this series contains mature content and crude language…if that is something you are sensitive to perhaps give this one a pass.

This book was an intense and crazy ride! If you have ever wanted to read an epic gladiator book with fierce ladies then look no further! The progression of the story was fantastic and I really appreciated that we got to experience a new cast of characters (though don’t worry there are some returning faces) and a whole new set of problems to face. This kept the story very fresh and new, in fact Mia is prevented from using her shadow skills very much in this book so we really get to see a new side and a different story. The perfect mix of forwarding the series as a whole as well as providing a unique and individual story for this book was very well done. This book was full of betrayal, friendship, romance, awesome fight scenes  that weren’t overdone, and the snarky commentary of Mr. Kindly and Mia herself was entertaining as ever. There was also some really good character development and we got some questions answered…but are left with perhaps a whole lot more….(that ending…..). I did have a slight issue with buying into the romance, taking into account all the past events those two have shared, I felt it difficult to believe them able to trust each other enough to form a relationship. We shall see in time how it develops, perhaps I will feel differently as the story develops.

I would definitely recommend this series if you are looking for adventure and intrigue and would highly recommend the audiobook. If you are bit scared off by the more magical aspects of the story, it plays a small roll, the focus is mainly on the political maneuverings of the rich and powerful and the assassins they employ. Give it a shot! Let me know what you think!

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