Manbooker 2017 Shortlist

So its finally arrived the manbooker 2017 shortlist! I must say I am pleasantly surprised by a few on the list. Lets get right to it, here they are:

Lincoln in the Bardo

History of Wolves

Exit West


4 3 2 1


I am quite pleased to see the first three on the list as I actually enjoyed them! I am pulling  for Lincoln in the Bardo, or History of Wolves for the win! They were both so atmospheric and really pulled me into the story. I think Lincoln in the Bardo might be slightly ahead for me since it was a bit more experimental and unique so it stands out a bit more. I am quite sad that I wasn’t able to read Elmet by Fiona Mozley  as it has not yet been published her, the synopsis is very intriguing and as she is a debut author I am automatically pulling for her! As for 4 3 2 1 and Autumn I just roll my eyes. Of course they are there, they are popular well respected authors, Smith has already been nominated four previous times and I am left with a feeling that this is like the academy awards where you have to “put in your time” before you win….though I certainly hope not. Even among those who have enjoyed these two novels and are fans of these authors work, it seems to be the general consensus that these are not the best of their work. I can’t help but hope that the judgments will be on these current works alone and not the cumulation of their bodies of work. I think far more interesting and engaging stories were told  by other authors on the list who deserve their time in the spotlight. I am very surprised that Days Without End (Days Without End/Reservoir 13) didn’t make it on the list as it has received so much attention in the media lately. Which ones did you like? Is there any you think should have been on the list and didn’t make the cut? The winner will be announced Tuesday October 17th.