Lab Girl

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

4/5 Stars

This chronicles the life of the author a paleobiologist (she studies plants) and her struggles with working in a field dominated by men and her trying to balance her life between her work.

I thought this was wonderfully written. It had the perfect balance between fascinating scientific facts that taught me so much and the compelling and sometimes heartbreaking story of her life. The way she talks about plants and trees you could really feel her love and admiration of them, and began to feel a connection to them through her words. I finished and wished that I had a yard to plant a giant oak tree in. I also really appreciated her honest portrayal of her life and struggles. What it was like to struggle through a profession where you are seen as less capable because of your gender and passed over for opportunities, grants, and recognition because you are a woman. I loved her relationship with her lab partner and the humorous camaraderie they shared. Her honest portrayal of living with mental illness was very thought provoking and the portion during her pregnancy was truly heartbreaking.

If you have an interest sin biology or just love plants I would highly recommend this. I listened to the audiobook edition of this as it is narrated by the author and I would very much recommend it.

oak tree