The Night Garden

The Night Garden by Polly Horvath

2/5 Stars

Set in a rural area in 1945 our orphan Fanny together with her guardians must learn to cope with caring for a neighbour’s children as their mother goes to stop her husband from doing something terrible. We follow their adventures and the mysterious Night Garden which they are forbidden to enter.

To be fair, I really think I am not the target audience for this Tale. I enjoy children’s fiction, but it has to be very well written and extremely engaging. The story seemed like it was trying to be a mashup between Anne of Green Gables and A Series of Unfortunate events. The author was trying so hard to make her characters quirky and unique  it just ended up feeling strained. The conversations were so unrealistic, especially the dialogue between adults and children. Everything was so nonsensical….and I mean every single character. This is not generally a writing style that I prefer and therefore struggled through this book. If you enjoyed Tahereh Mafi’s Furthermore you might enjoy this more than I.

A copy of this ebook was provided to my through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.