August 2017 Wrap Up

Here we are at the end of summer! Hope you had a good one! So thoughts on my reading month. I read 5/13 of the manbooker 2017 longlist nominated books and boy am I ready for this project to be over! I have enjoyed my time reading them and have found a couple gems that I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up. Overall I am getting a little tired of reading the same type of book though, and not having as much freedom to read where my mood takes me. Im trying not to let this effect my enjoyment and reviews of the book…but how can it not? I currently have three of the four I have left to read from the library and nine days left before the shortlist is announced….wish me luck!

Top 3 Picks of the Month

History of Wolves (link to review)

This is one of the manbooker nominees that I would not have normally picked up but found surprisingly enjoyable. It was very atmospheric and really pulled me into the story. The subject matter also had me really thinking long after I was done.

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch (link to review)

This is the third book in a series about a band of thieves and follows their adventures and mishaps. Though it is my least favourite of the books currently out it was still an enjoyable ride. This series doesn’t hide from the gritty reality of a life of crime and the characters are so enjoyable to follow. Would very much recommend this series! (Warning to all those out there who get mad when I don’t tell them…this series isn’t complete yet)

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders (link to review)

Another manbooker nominee that surprised me. This read certainly isn’t for everyone and was very experimental in its execution, but it really worked for me. I listened to the audiobook edition of this and would highly recommend it, the ensemble cast really added to the story. If you enjoy the ghosts of Neil Gaiman you might want to give this one a try!

Im looking forward to finishing up my manbooker 2017 project this month and diving into some autumnal and perhaps spooky reads. What have you been reading this month? Let me know if you have any fall favourites to recommend!