Autumn by Ali Smith

2/5 Stars

This tells the story of a friendship and explores art and politics.

To start with I have very little knowledge of pop art or British politics, so that may have coloured my enjoyment of this book. I really didn’t find much that I enjoyed from this story and it’s only saving grace was that it was very short so I was able to finish it anyway. This really wasn’t my thing. It’s incomplete and scrambled fragments of life and culture often left me very confused and frustrated. The whole things was generally plotless and just seemed like a collection of ideas and feelings. Not sure if it is because it is the start of a quartet of books, but this story felt really incomplete to me and just sort of ends, I was left wondering is that it? What was the whole point of that? It may be that I’m just not smart enough, or that I prefer books with more plot and not just a vague cloud of ideas. I don’t have many thoughts to share or expound on with this one. There were a few portions of the writing that I enjoyed, but overall it was a miss for me. If this is a typical sampling of Ali Smith’s writing I don’t think that we are going to get along very well….

So Manbooker thoughts, I don’t really have any. I didn’t like this. Maybe if I had more involvement with British politics and culture, or and interest in pop art this would have made more of an impact for me, but as it stands I feel like this was just another nod to a well known author. Pass from me.

Manbooker 2017 6/13

autumn bear