Hollow Pike

Hollow Pike by James/Juno Dawson

4/5 Stars

This is a young adult thriller/horror story that follows Lis London who has recently moved to a small town to escape from bullying in her old school. On arrival in the new town she meets new friends and rivals and begins having this strange dream foretelling her death.

This book surprised me by how good it was. I’m not a big fan of the YA genre in general and picked this up on a recommendation and I am glad that I did! It was so fast paced and addicting to read…and quite scary at some parts. Granted I’m quite a chicken when it comes to scary things, but I found this far more frightening in parts then many adult thrillers/horror that I’ve read that were trying really hard to scare me. I found the whole book to be very atmospheric and I felt transported to the crisp spooky woods that made me feel nostalgic for childhood Halloween shows.  This book not only gives you goosebumps, it also tackles some really important topics. Bullying was a huge theme in this book and outlines how people cope with it differently, and discusses the very real effects that bullying has on peoples lives. Of course there was a bit of a cringe worthy instant teenage love connection, but it was not as bad as some and I ended up not minding so much.

I would very much recommend this book if you are looking for a fast paced roller coaster mystery that keeps you guessing about who did it…with the perfect dash of YA cheese thrown it.