The Republic of Thieves

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

4/5 stars

This is the third book in an epic heisty fantasy series, so to not spoil anyone if you have not yet read the first two..I shall attempt to be as vague as possible (and what are you doing with your life…go read the first two!). This story follows two members of our band of thieves as they get embroiled in a political race and with a group of our friendly neighbourhood bonds magi. Hijinks and shennanigans ensue.

As always I love these characters and their plotting, I did like this least out of the current books in the series though. I felt like the “con” in this one lacked the excitement and intricacy of the previous two books. I always really enjoy the flashback chapters in these books when we get to visit the characters in their childhood and see some of the situations that shaped them into the people they are, however, I really didn’t like the parts with the play. I found the long passages of quotations from the play really boring and wished they had been cut out. I really liked that we finally got to meet an often referenced but not yet introduced character and enjoyed watching that story line play out.  And man that ending……


Scott Lynch, you need to go sit in a corner with George R.R. Martin and think about what you have done….