Beginning the Manbooker 2017 Race

So it has begun again! The Manbooker long list has been announced, and being the brave soul that I am I have decided to attempt to tackle these tomes! So far I have read and DNF’ed one on the list so starting count 1/13…we can do this. I have decided to embark on this epic reading challenge because quite frankly the list actually interests me this year. I have attempted this only one other time when Tanya Yanaghara’s A Little Life was nominated because I loved it so much and figured the other books that shared its fate on the list must equal its magnificence…spoiler…they didn’t. I found myself trudging through many reads I found to be overwrought and pretentious, I did find a few I enjoyed and ultimately I did enjoy the challenge and the works of fiction I would not have encountered otherwise. I felt it broadened my reading horizons and stretched me as a reader, but it was not a challenge I would repeat again in the near future. The last couple of years the list has comprised of books I had either not ever heard of or had no interest in. This year however, many of the books are already on my “To Be Read” list and has therefore captured my attention. The list was chosen from 144 submissions that were published in the UK from October 1, 2016 -September 30, 2017.  The short list is due to be announced September 13th 2017, and the winner October 17th 201. Let the reading begin!